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The Determined Mom Show

Aug 8, 2019

In Episode 16, the amazing Lucy Liu is sharing her unstoppable optimism and creative mind shifts for our daily lives!  She is a life coach and she helps us to see the joy in small things. Ever since this episode was recorded, my time talking with her has helped me to find peace in often chaotic areas of my life!  I hope she brings the same joy to your life after you listen!  

Lucy Liu is a life coach helping women in life transition beat overwhelm, see clarity, set new goals, live a happier life and thrive!  Lucy transformed her life from feeling over-stressed, unhappy and unhealthy to living her dream life of joy, fulfillment, and mindfulness, it is her passion to help other women to make that kind of life-changing transformations.  She has made many bold moves in her life to creating a more aligned and fulfilled life. She is an unshakable optimist, loving wife, motivated mother, easy-going small business owner and now makes it her passion to help other women rewrite their life story.

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