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The Determined Mom Show

Dec 29, 2023

In this episode of The Determined Mom Show, host Amanda Tento shares her personal journey of dealing with trauma, health challenges, and the impact it had on her business. She reflects on the difficulty of recovering from a near-death experience and the long road to physical recovery.

Amanda also discusses the significant realization she had about making a difference in every situation, which transformed her perspective. She touches on the importance of prioritizing health, both physical and mental, and the lessons she learned from going through a traumatic experience.

Additionally, Amanda shares her plans for the future, including focusing on her fitness and launching a new networking group for cannabis businesses. Tune in to gain valuable insights into coping with trauma while managing a business and discover how this experience has influenced Amanda’s outlook on life and entrepreneurship.

00:00 Long recovery, loss of clients, husband support.

05:03 Intentional change through a "make a difference" mindset.

07:55 Sepsis survival taught valuable lessons about life.

09:46 Addressing inherited health issues, treating oneself, seeking support.

The Journey of Recovery: "To go from being a healthy, normal adult to relying on other people to take care of you is an extremely humbling and very traumatic experience, but I'm so happy that I have my husband who was here to support me every step of the way. He was my nurse. He was my cheerleader."

— Amanda Tento [00:02:09 → 00:02:28]

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