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The Determined Mom Show

Mar 31, 2021

In Episode 95, I detail the latest updates to Google My Business!  This episode is short, sweet, and to the point!  Check out our newest blog post with ALL of the Google My Business Categories Listed. 

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Mar 24, 2021

In Episode 94, I get to talk with Jennifer Wilson from Jen Wilson Creative.  Jen is a Sales Funnel Coach and Consultant and her mission is to help women business owners build their legacy business by growing their e-mail list and getting their dream clients to book more discovery calls.

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Mar 16, 2021

In episode 93, I broke all of my own rules to have our first ever male guest, John Lee Dumas from the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast.  John has so much value to offer to our community of Mom Business owners! He has interviewed over 3,000 successful entrepreneurs.  He has put all of that knowledge together...

Mar 9, 2021

In episode 92, I get to talk with, mom, teacher, writer, and speaker, Melissa Pyrch. She is a high school teacher who will share with us how we can include and encourage our kids to be involved in our business! You won't want to miss this episode!

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Mar 3, 2021

In Episode 91, (wow-almost 100 episodes!) I explore how stepping out of your comfort zone can explode your business!  Not like, demolition explosion-fireworks!  You never know what is possible until you imagine it and ask for it!  Listen in for a challenge! 


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