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The Marketing Hygiene Podcast

May 26, 2021

In episode 103, I give you some strategies to use to grow your business on the Clubhouse App!  It was released for Android in May of 2021. There are no limits to how much you can grow and scale your business by levering Clubhouse!  

Click this link to join...

May 19, 2021

In Episode #102 I get to talk with Pamela Maass, Attorney, and owner of Law Mother. She shares with us Five critical tips that we must know about estate planning. Even if you have never thought about what would happen to you when you pass away, this episode is where you need to start! Pamela gives us actionable and...

May 11, 2021

In episode 101, I share with you the "secret" to quickly growing your business and brand. Please use this advice to learn from my mistakes, insecurities, and fear.  There is no reason for any of these things to hold you back, so don't hide from your light and your zone of genius-share them with the world!  


May 4, 2021

In Episode 100 of The Determined Mom Show, I talk with my best friend and husband Bertrand Tento about the last two years and 100 episodes of the show!  

Thank you so much for supporting the podcast over the last 2 years!  I never imagined it being such a success, but I love helping moms so that makes it easy!