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The Determined Mom Show

Jul 6, 2023

We have an exciting new episode for you on The Determined Mom Show! In this episode titled "5 Strategies for Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business," our guest, Dominique Dunlop, shares some valuable insights on leveraging the power of Pinterest to take your business to new heights.

Dominique is a former teacher turned digital marketing-obsessed Canadian mom of 2. Through her done-for-you content repurposing services and Lead Generation Pinterest VIP Days Dominique’s goal is to help you develop a low-effort, high-traffic marketing strategy that will allow you to attract leads on autopilot and be everywhere your clients are without leading to content creation burnout. 

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect:

1. Repurposing Content Efficiently: Learn how to maximize your content's potential by implementing strategic workflows that save you time and effort.

2. Patience and Trust in the Process: While success on Pinterest may take time, our guest highlights the importance of staying patient and trusting the process. If needed, seek specialist support to help you navigate your Pinterest journey.

3. Outbound Click and Content Saves Growth: Discover the benchmarks for success on Pinterest, with a 2-4% growth in outbound clicks and content saves considered a significant achievement.

4. Real-Life Success Story: Listen to an inspiring story from a client who saw a remarkable 100% increase in outbound clicks after just 4 months of consistent pinning. It's proof that perseverance pays off!

5. The Journey from Teaching to Pinterest Marketing: Our guest, Dominique Dunlop, shares her story of transitioning from a teaching career to finding fulfillment in the world of Pinterest marketing. It's an inspiring tale of determination and discovering new opportunities.

But that's not all!  Listen in to learn more.

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