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The Determined Mom Show

Jun 20, 2023

This episode may trigger some listeners who may be sensitive to topics such as medical and birth trauma. We advise our listeners to proceed with caution and take care of themselves emotionally

In this episode, I share how I have been through a near-death birth experience that taught me to focus on what's truly important in life.                                                                                                       I share how I was intubated during my health crisis, which felt like having a large tube in my mouth - almost like the end of a field hockey stick. I also talk about my upcoming medical appointment, which holds the key to what may be next for me. Additionally, I will be discussing starting a new podcast called "Healing Medical Trauma". The goal is to give people who have been through medical trauma the opportunity to hear the stories of others who have overcome it and to provide a space for healing. We hope you enjoy this episode and that it inspires you to focus on what matters. We also wish you an amazing week!

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