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The Marketing Hygiene Podcast

Jun 12, 2019

In Episode 8, I share with you my decision to start a Marketing Membership for Mom CEOs like you!  I have talked to so many moms in Facebook Groups, on Linkedin, I have surveyed them, had discovery calls with them, done proposals for them.  The biggest commonality is that your marketing budget is either small or not enough to afford a full-on SEO campaign.


This also translates into many other areas of Marketing, but I was encouraged by my mentor Karen Yankovich recently to go ahead and offer the solution to this issue once and for all. I have been working on a similar membership group with a friend that will eventually launch. But I bit the bullet and got started right away.  Talking about this with Karen last Friday and having the site up and an Interest email list already on the landing page with people signing up to it every day!  


The first topic will be SEO based on the sheer number of moms I have worked within the last years that are in desperate need of SEO. There will be many more topics coming in the pipeline from WordPress to Social Media and even email systems.  I am giving you a one-stop resource for everything you need to learn and implement.  You can easily learn everything in the membership elsewhere, but you won’t learn it in this sequence or in an easy to understand format!  


Show Notes

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