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The Determined Mom Show

Jul 26, 2023

 In episode 252 of The Determined Mom Show, our guest Tim Zhang shares his expert insights on how to drive targeted buyers to your website! Tim's journey from actor to realtor to marketing agency owner is truly inspiring. He faced challenges and setbacks but found his passion in online marketing and copywriting. Now, he helps coaches transition from offline success to building profitable online businesses. 

Tim is not a coach, not a pioneer, and not a guru. He's here to empower you with the push you need to becoming a titan. He is simply obsessed with learning about marketing, selling, transforming ideas into wealth and freedom, and sharing it with others.

Here are 3 Key Takeaways from this Episode:

1️⃣ Focus on one platform at a time: Tim discovered that managing multiple social media platforms was a drain on resources without generating significant traffic. By narrowing his focus to LinkedIn, he found better results in driving targeted buyers to his website.

2️⃣ Provide valuable email bribes: Offering relevant and valuable incentives tailored to your target audience's immediate needs is crucial. Whether it's discounts, templates, checklists, or exclusive content, make sure your email bribe speaks directly to your customer and entices them to provide their email.

3️⃣ Find your dream 100: Building relationships and collaborating with local businesses, bloggers, and influential platforms where your ideal customers can be found is essential. Look for opportunities to offer value and get exposure through partnerships or by purchasing entry, or work your way in without spending money by providing valuable content.

Whether you're a coach looking to scale your online business or an entrepreneur seeking effective strategies to drive targeted buyers, this episode is packed with valuable insights from Tim Zhang. Tune in now on the podcast to learn more! 

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