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The Determined Mom Show

Jul 14, 2023

On this episode of The Determined Mom Show, we dive into the world of AI and its role in marketing. We discuss five essential tips for effectively utilizing AI in your marketing efforts.

First, we explore how AI can be a valuable tool for generating ideas and content. However, we stress the importance of not relying solely on AI and recognizing it as just a starting point. To ensure accuracy and alignment with your brand voice, it is crucial to edit the content generated by AI.

We explore various ways in which AI can be used in marketing, including creating social media posts, blog posts, polls, and even drafting emails and website content. However, we emphasize the need to view AI as a tool to enhance marketing efforts, rather than a replacement for human creativity and intervention.

We also discuss the drawbacks of piecing together a marketing plan solely based on online sources and the importance of using Google for service search over relying on social media.

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