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The Marketing Hygiene Podcast

Nov 12, 2019

In Episode 24, Tequila Dodard shares her journey into working for herself and running her own Strategy Business called Socially Standout.  She had an extremely successful corporate career and then came the kids! She realized that her kids only knew that she had one talent-cooking!  She took this as a call to action and started her own business. In this episode, Tequila teaches us how to Stand Out and Be You on Social Media!

Tequila has worked within the marketing industry for over 15 years, within different niches.  

For the last 7 years, she has had the opportunity to work within the virtual world as a Strategist with several clients and she gets super excited each and every time she takes on a new client.  

Tequila specializes in business growth and customer experience. She’s found that operating inside the virtual world is really no different than working inside the corporate world.  

People want to feel heard and important.  

Everyone has a story and it deserves a to be heard. Tequila helps you create meaningful conversations, build connections and increase your visibility in order to grow your business.  

You can find all of this about Tequila around the internet but what you might not know is she loves to travel, hike and relax on Sundays with her family.




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