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The Determined Mom Show

Aug 21, 2019

In Episode 18, I have the pleasure of talking with Mom, Wife, Speaker, Author, Business Owner, and Personality Trainer Vickie Musni!  She shares with us a HUGE marketing secret-how to figure out your client’s personality without having them take all of those assessments!  She breaks down the 4 personality types and she even gets mine spot on! This is a can’t miss episode!


Vickie Musni is a Certified Personality Trainer, international speaker, and author. She and her husband live in Reno, NV with their 4 teenagers and also run a local trivia entertainment company together. She loves raising kids in and around the family business and has had all of them participate in a personality training workshop, attends Toastmasters with her, and even co-host at some trivia events. Having 23 years as a business owner, almost 20 as a mom, and 10 as a personality trainer, she has an endless supply of stories and examples of how understanding personality types can help you in every area of your life!


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